Monday, November 21, 2011

Time Keeps on Slipping...Into the Future

It seems like time is just slipping through my fingers these days, which reminds me of the Steve Miller Band song in the movie Space Jam. Lately I've been flying like an eagle while "time keeps on slipping into the future". That song is the story of my life these days and if you haven't listened to the song should. PRONTO!

If my last post kept you hanging, relax! I'm now a member of Women in Business and I love the group! There is still such a disparity between the amount of women and men in the business school and it is comforting to be surrounded by other motivated women going through the same thing. We've had retreats, social events, round table discussions with women in the consulting field, carved pumpkins with the recruiters from Dick's Sporting Goods, and had a Thanksgiving feast. Women in Business has been a blast.

[My fellow committee members and I posing at the New Member Retreat]

Another exciting event I got to participate in was a Habitat for Humanity Build sponsored by Whirpool. I volunteered with some of my neighbors on my floor in the Kelley Living Learning Center and we had a very rewarding experience. We were building alongside many high ranking Whirlpool officers and their families, which was reassuring to me because I often fear that corporate America is cold and heartless (NOT TRUE OF WHIRLPOOL!).

My roommate and I began the year taking one picture every day. I am sorry to report that life got crazy and it became a hassle. I am proud to report that we lasted a month with our endeavor. Below is one of the last pictures we took which was before we went to a pre-recruitment event. Formal recruitment begins the Saturday after we come back from break. I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds for me.