Thursday, September 22, 2011


Let me tell you, with 15 credit hours and tons of activities you would be surprised by how fast time goes in college. One of these days I am going to blink and suddenly be graduating from IU. Honestly, during the weekdays I am too busy to remember to miss my family. However, when the weekend comes, and I have no classes, I do miss them.

Last Friday was the Kelley School of Business Freshman Induction Ceremony. My dad and grandma attended the event with me. It was a fairly motivational event. We all received Kelley School of Business pens and were encouraged to use them to write down our goals. (Little did they know I already have all my goals written down...hehe)

Another highlight of my weekend was attending the IU football game with a bunch of people from my floor. IU actually clinched a win against South Carolina State! Not that I don't have faith in my's just that we're known as a "drinking school with a football problem". However, I do have high hopes for the upcoming basketball season!

My weekend got even better on Sunday when I attended the pre-event for Women in Business. It was great to meet other girls with similar interests and the drive to succeed. I had my second round interview on Wednesday and I will know of my rejection or acceptance by Friday afternoon. If I don't get a spot, it's ok. I understand that everything happens for a reason. But still...send good vibes for me! Everything counts.

[Here I am with Nisha ready for my interview!]

Friday holds more than my fate in Women in Business. I have a lovely Calculus exam tomorrow morning which I am dreading with everything I have. The concepts don't scare me, it's the idea that this is my first college exam and I have NO IDEA what to expect. argh.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Flies When You're...

I've been meaning to post since class started but I just haven't had the time.

[FYI: Nisha and I are taking a photo everyday we have class this year...we've been successful so far! This photo was taken last Thursday after I had attended my first career fair (more about that later).]
Current Stats
Location: McNutt Quad in the Kelley Living Learning Center
Callout Meetings Attended: 9 (I think)
Classes: 5 + 1 internship with IUSA (so, 15 credit hours)
Interviews: 4 (I've gotten lots of practice)
Weeks in School: 3 (and boy have they flown by fast)
Speeches Given: 2
Roommates: 1.5 (if you factor in the amount of time Matthew is hanging out with Nisha and me)
Career Fairs Attended: 1

I've had a great time on campus so far. There is so much to do and there are so many clubs to join. I've been really busy attending call-out meetings and attending activity fairs. Believe it or not, I haven't joined every organization, although it is tempting.

However, I did the Honors Student Organization, which has fun activities available for Honors students as well as service projects. For the holidays they have a cookie decorating party! How awesome is that? I'm also the Co-Service Chair for the McNutt Hutton Honors Council Association. I had to submit an application and go through an interview process to get this position. I'm really excited to plan service events for Honors students in McNutt.

I also interviewed for, and was offered, the position of Director of Philanthropy for McNutt's Student Government. If you weren't aware, McNutt is the biggest dorm at IU and the third largest in the nation. There are 1,300 students in McNutt and I will be responsible for planning philanthropy events for them. McNutt works with Stepping Stones, which is a house for kids in need of a place to stay.

Going with the same service theme, I have also gotten involved in Indiana University Dance Marathon. Matthew and I are both on the Residence Hall Recruitment Council for IUDM and will be responsible for getting dancers to come to the marathon, in addition to raising $500. I'll post more about IUDM later because I have lots of new information to share!

An activity I am really excited about is my internship with IUSA (Indiana University Student Association). I will be working on the committee for tax free textbooks. IUSA hopes to convince the Indiana State Legislature to pass a bill to create two days a year for students to buy textbooks tax-free. We will be lobbying and doing who else knows what, all I know is I am really interested in getting involved.

One of the most eye opening things I have done so far at IU was attending the Finance Career Fair. Most Freshmen do not attend career fairs (no company is looking to hire a Freshman for an internship or a full-time job). Consequently, I was surrounded my older students, predominantly males, in black suits. I felt tiny and young. However, I met up with Aunt Beth and she introduced me to a few nice recruiters who gave me some tips about career fairs. Armed with their advice, I talked to some companies and made some connections. After all, business is all about networking.

I'm kind of proud of all that I've accomplished in these three weeks :)