Saturday, August 27, 2011

IU Welcome Week

I moved into IU this week. I'm living in the Kelley Living Learning Center and so far my experience has been fantastic. I've met tons of amazing peers and faculty. I went to Culture Fest and heard Preacher Moss speak (he is a comedian but he ties racism into his act and it was a great way to start welcome week). We had so much free food at Culture Fest and then the next day we got even more at the Taste of the Union.

Although I am having a blast, I actually can't wait for classes to start on Monday! I got my new MacBook Pro on Wednesday at the Herbert Presidential Scholar Reception and I am so thrilled. The reception was awesome. I ran into a girl from the Young Women's Institute and another girl who I met when I was interviewed for Girls' Nation. These coincidences affirmed my belief that I have chosen the right school to attend.

Shout-Out to my mom, Hope (who is the only person who reads my blog), for making me two batches of amazing muffins since I have been at IU. You've taught me so much.


Hope said...

It is so exciting to hear about your experiences. I know you have chosen the right school too. And I get to bring you muffins!!! Thanks for the shout out.

Hope said... the the pink & green lay-out!

stephanie said...

Hope you had a wonderful first day of classes!