Thursday, September 22, 2011


Let me tell you, with 15 credit hours and tons of activities you would be surprised by how fast time goes in college. One of these days I am going to blink and suddenly be graduating from IU. Honestly, during the weekdays I am too busy to remember to miss my family. However, when the weekend comes, and I have no classes, I do miss them.

Last Friday was the Kelley School of Business Freshman Induction Ceremony. My dad and grandma attended the event with me. It was a fairly motivational event. We all received Kelley School of Business pens and were encouraged to use them to write down our goals. (Little did they know I already have all my goals written down...hehe)

Another highlight of my weekend was attending the IU football game with a bunch of people from my floor. IU actually clinched a win against South Carolina State! Not that I don't have faith in my's just that we're known as a "drinking school with a football problem". However, I do have high hopes for the upcoming basketball season!

My weekend got even better on Sunday when I attended the pre-event for Women in Business. It was great to meet other girls with similar interests and the drive to succeed. I had my second round interview on Wednesday and I will know of my rejection or acceptance by Friday afternoon. If I don't get a spot, it's ok. I understand that everything happens for a reason. But still...send good vibes for me! Everything counts.

[Here I am with Nisha ready for my interview!]

Friday holds more than my fate in Women in Business. I have a lovely Calculus exam tomorrow morning which I am dreading with everything I have. The concepts don't scare me, it's the idea that this is my first college exam and I have NO IDEA what to expect. argh.

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Hope said...

You look absolutely beautiful in your green dress....frankly my remind me of Scarlet Ohara! So sorry I had to miss your event last Friday...but it is neat seeing & Grandma together.